Broken nose by a kick

Well, I've been training Thai boxing yesterday and recently fought in a fight and won.
This time only was a sparring with a friend of mine but my wrong was i hands down like a boxer do sometimes ans receive the kick i dont think receive a solid kick but it was and i went down and my nose was bropken a lot of blood i clean myself in the bathroom and looks a psycosis scene.

The problem is too i have a big nose any advice, when i can do other sparring fight, the recovery time it was broken in 2 pieces thanks for the advices.

Sorry my englsh is not well i am fron Peru.

I've had mine broken three times. Takes a couple months to completely heal.


It will feel better long before it is completely healed

mine has been broken 5 times. welcome to the club! And congrats on the recent win

THANKS A LOT GUYS FOR THE ANSWERS Thanks for the welcome to the broken nose club ;)
My nose swelling a lot the first day i am better now and have my two brown eyes.

Some think i could train in two weeks not sparring only paos,heavybag, and shadow boxing for example.
If i dont train nothing until two monts i will be Crazy i am 100% sure.

You can do the rest of your training, just don't spar.

Thanks tuki for the wise advice

You could always purchase headgear with a cage if sparring is really important. There are several kinds of headgear with full face protection.

Thanks a lot for the advices.