Broken nose by a kick

After I've done a sparring thai fight i do a wrong move hands down like a boxer and recieve a solid kick my nose was broken in three pieces and there are a lot of blood i was to the doctor and cure.
Any advice about the recovery period and when a i can do other sparring with this guy (the advenger) ;)
Thanks for all.


Boxers hands are up

Yes men boxers use to have hands up, any advice more...

Lots of ice. No quick fix.

If you wear the protector I recommended in the Spanish forum, you could get back to training as soon as the pain is manageable.
Normally, I would say two weeks should be good enough to start lightly and wearing protection. If you already went to the doctor, follow HIS advice.

Refrain from drinking goji juice, LOL!

Thnaks Felipe 123