Broken nose in Mt/Boxing..

How common are broken noses in boxing/muay thai? I am asking from a standpoint of an "recreational" boxer perspective not a pro or competative fighter. I box (spar)twice a week without hear gead at a moderate level. Basically, we are punching with no more than 50% power. I have gotten a few bloody noses (no problem) but I am concerned about the break.
Just trying to get a feel of how common they are and if I should be as concerned as I am...

I've never seen anyone get their nose broken in training (boxing or muay thai), but I have seen plenty of broken noses in actual competition.

Wear headgear, keep your guard up, and keep your eyes open.

Good Luck

i use to get bloody noses and gums as well when i was training, so im sure in comps if you dont learn from your sparring how to defend it, yeah it'll get broke....


I broke my nose a year ago and was suprised by the result.

Racoon looking black and blue eyes, quite a lot of
tenderness but no noticeable lasting effects. In fact it was
pretty much healed up within weeks

hurts like a bitch! lol

I've had 2 nose breaks. 1, 3 weeks after the other. The hardest thing is after you damage yer nose in a fight knowing when to start sparring again. I kept jacking it up everytime it started to heal. Didn't help that I was fighting every 3 weeks but you get the idea. Let your injuries heal by working around them.

My 2 broken noses occured in training when 1 I had an overzealous training partner who was trying to hurt me and the other was when I was sparring with a guy 20 lbs heavier and helping him get ready for a fight. It happens. I continued to spar in both instances. I learned that I can survive and fight through it.

I've seen more broken noses in wrestling than any other combat sport oddly. - shooting in and accidentally eating knees.

I broke my nose sparring once, did not know it was broken until my trainer told me to head to the dressing room

Im have a big nose, but i like a lot kickboxing and box, th last year i broke my nose in a sparring 60% power by a roundhouse kick but was my mistake because i stay with a low guard like Principe Nasim.

In fact it was much healed in 3 weeks and sparring again but carefeully, it is like a game but you should be carefully always.

I've had my nose broken so many times I don't know what it's like to go without it being broken