Bronco or 4 Runner?

That would be a sight to see!

The Bronco Sport is what’s out not now, it’s based on the Escape. The full sized Bronco isn’t out yet. That is based on an actual truck chassis.


Good to know. So it’s going to be adult sized?

Lexus GX 460/Land Cruiser Prado > 4Runner > Any USDM competitors.

The new bronco crushes in looks. Toyota in durability. But as said, 4runners are so out of date. Looks like the broncos are gonna have a dealer premium on them if you didnt preorder

Fuck a dealer mark up

Then the corvette is not for you. They are nutty right now

That’s because the ones you’ve seen have been the Bronco Sport. That’s the smaller model. My wife has one. I don’t think the big Broncos are out yet.


Bought a ‘21 4Runner off-road premium in December. I fucking love it.

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4runner is still made in Japan so the quality issues aren’t in the runner.

Tacomas are Mexuco made.

Tundra US.

I have a 19 TRD Off Road Premium…

And a 1998 3.4 l 5sp.

A head on at 35 mph couldn’t kill the 98.

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They are garbage engines. Water pump will fail. Timing chain stretch. Turbos fail.


As long as they don’t update it to look like a toy Transformer like they did with their other vehicles.

I thought the Tacoma’s were made in Texas?

Pretty sure the raptor version is in the works. A year or two from being released.

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If you care about quality and reliability, obviously the 4 Runner, but its pretty likely that the Bronco will fail and die after a few years, so they might end up collectable.

Even though its a completely different platform than the old Broncos, Ive owned a 1982, a 1984 (my favorite generation for them), and a 1989 Bronco and always had love for them, but its baffling to me how they were able to take a venerable and reliable F150, but it on a new body, and somehow make it 1000% less reliable than the truck it was based on. It’s almost impressive.

When I was at the Ford dealer buying my truck, because I am not an suv driving woman, they told me the pandemic had stalled the bronco making it out to dealers big time.

With that said… I’d go bronco, 4Runner def more for the wives

Really, I thought they fixed the problems, what about intake fouling?