Broncos demolish Chefs

It was pretty even game during the first half. Then Clinton Portis and Brocos took over the during the second half.

45 -27 with 212 yds rushing and 5 TD's for Clinton Portis.
Denver looked good, but I don't know whether they will make playoffs this year.
I thought Chefs got lucky against Broncos earlier this year.

Chefs are overrated and won't win the superbowl this year.

Chefs = Oklahoma
Patriots = USC
Eagles = LSU
Colts = Michigan

As of right now, Patriots has to be Number 1!!

Titans = 2004 Superbowl Champs

and it doesn't hurt a bit, were 11-2 and got the lions, vikings, and bears to go. If Chiefs get home field advantage it's all over.

lol yeah if you dont have to play anyone. Better hope you dont get the Ravens, Pats, or Broncos in the playoffs or your done. That is all.

no if we get home field I think we'll win.

I guess we'll have to see won't we.

macdawg - remember last time you had home field through the playoffs. I do - you didn't go to the Super Bowl.

i see it happening all over again for the chiefs.

Recap of 1997...chiefs split the years meetings 1-1 with my boys of denver. denver gets a wild card & goes on the road to all playoff games. and eventually on the road to Elway getting some new bling on his finger.

make sure someone in kansas city thanks eddie kennsion for pissing portis off would ya?!

With the defense the Chiefs have now, they dont have a chance

Chiefs will lose in Playoffs again with or without home field advantage, just like they did in 1997. There are way too many good teams in AFC right now that can be beat Chiefs. Pats, Ravens, Broncos, and Colts would beat Chiefs. Also the superbowl this year will be won by AFC team. Eagle and Rams are good, but are in a weaker conference.

going to have a good Playoff run, the Broncos look great.

"remember last time you had home field through the playoffs."

yes, and I think this year is different. No team can bring their best every week, when the Chiefs do they can beat anyone as they've already shown. At home they play better, so don't count out the Chiefs if they get home field.

NFL this year has been very interesting. Majority of the teams that were in playoffs last year are already out for this year's playoffs. For many weeks, it seemed as Chefs and Vikes were the two dominant team in the NFL, but it's funny how that changed. Both teams are dangerous, but Pats, Colts, Eagles have been playing very very well.
I am looking forward to showdown with Colts and Broncos next week.