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Hey Broncos fans, what moves would you like to see Denver make in the offseason?

What about Shannahan?  I still really like the guy, but a lot of people are starting to comment about how he hasn't won a playoff game without Elway.  Could he be labeled as the next Dan Reeves?

How about the offensive line?  They obviously do a tremendous job of run blocking, but in passing situations, they're too small to provide protection.  Continue with the same plan on the O-line or beef up?

Will Shannon Sharpe stick around for another year, or is he done?

My opinion....

Shannahan is definatly still the man in Denver (forget whatever Eddie "i have no rings" Kennison, and Darryl Gardner said), but he does need to let the Defensive Coordinator do the Defensive drafting and scouting. We don't need anymore Deltha Oneals or Darryl Gardners The reason they haven't won playoff games is that we were rebuilding. Finally the coaches went out and got a better QB. The only problem with the change at QB is Brian Griese still will cost the broncos over 6 million dollars in salery cap room for getting rid of him early. That hurts us a lot! Especially with trying to make moves this next year. We are over the salary cap for next year as we speak so don't look for them to go out and get anyone real soon. They need to get rid of D. Gardner and free up some space.

We do need size at on the O-line. They made a step in the right direction with last years 1st round draft pick George Foster. We need a lot of help in the secondary!!!! Resigning players like Al Wilson and Ian Gold have to be top priorities. Trading players like Deltha Oneal will help too. Look for Ed Macaffrey and Shannon Sharpe to retire which will free some space under the cap (although I would love to see Sharpe back)! Our receivers need to step up if he leaves. Just a few thoughts.

"We do need size at on the O-line."

I'm not 100% sold on this.  Alex Gibbs likes 'em small and atheletic.  Denver's running game could suffer greatly from a beefed up offensive line, but the pass protection would be better.  It's a tough call.

Im not sold on Jake the snake..And I believe denver needs some playmaker Wr's

I am completely sold on Jake the Snake. I think he did a great job this year. He proved to Broncos fans everywhere that he can run this offense. He went 9-2 as a starter, not too bad plus he missed like 5 games (4 to a broken foot, 1 to rest for the postseason).

You are right though, we do need some playmaker WRs. Eddie Mac was plagued by injuries this year, Rod Smith is still playing well but not the dominate force he was back about 6 or 7 years ago. Ashley Lelie will come on huge in the future. He has the speed, the only problem was that he was the third receiver and they only went to him deep this year. Often times he didn't get a chance go get in a groove before he had to go deep and then come out. We use that 1 or 2 receiver look too much and swing the fullback out to WR. That's not utilizing the WRs we have. Lelie should be in there more. But then again when you have Shannon Sharpe it's like an extra WR. Hope he doesn't retire. If so we need to draft Ben Troupe.

First let's talk about Shanahan.....firstly I believe people should not be debunking anything about Shanahan. The thing is, though, is that they say all this crap about "Oh, he can't win without an Elway/Davis/or whatever", but really who does win without an Elway, so to speak? The all-time greats, in face do...and as it stands now, Shanahan is not an all-time great(yet), but he is still one of the top coaches in the league.

Shanahan's problem is him being GM. He needs to relenquish that position and focus on coaching. He's made some horrible personel blunders.....fucking Dale Carter, Leon Lett, Chester McGlockton, Eric Davis, Daryl Gardener, Eddie Kennison, etc, and he's taking a huge gamble with Plummer, but I think Jake is gonna do well in Denver, he played very efficiently this year, but missed some time, and that bit us in the balls, this line, this system fits Jake well....and I don't care what anyone says, NO COACH wins with Danny Kannell or Jarious Jackson. END OF STORY. Shanahan needs to invest in a reliable backup, he needs to become a better evaluator of talant at the QB postition.....Griese was good enough, but he caught the injury bug, as with all "decent QBs", they need a good system....When Griese and Plummer got hurt you couldn't depend on Brister, Frerotte, and Beuerlein to fill in.

Concerning Shanahan's "lack of winning without an Elway"....let's look at the bigger picture, bottom line, if you don't have something "special", you will not win, let's go back to 1995, the start of Shanahan's tenure in Denver....

1995: Shanahan comes in, gets Denver to 8-8, no playoffs...but who wins it all? That crazy Dallas team capping off a great dynasty.

1996: Shanahan gets Denver to 13-3, lost a heartbreaker to JAC in the D-round. GB wins it all sporting Favre at the height of his prime.


1999: Lots of things went wrong, injuries, retirements, underachiving, it was a big mess, no one would've salvaged that mess that year....STL wins the SB with one of the most prolific offenses in history.

2000: Shanahan did a great job leading these guys to 11-5....but you can't knock Shanahan for losing to the eventual SB Champs, and holders of arguably...if not THE BEST, one of the best defenses of all time.

2001: 8-8, a season like this has been the story of the Broncos as of late...a few misplays don't happen, and they could be in the playoffs...bad year...Pats are the only team to win it all recently to have been "sweetheart underdogs", but hey they closed out on a huge run, and we all know Brady is clutch.

2002: Tough year, Denver was a few field goals from 12-4, there were soeme really tough close losses. 9-7 and missed the playoffs "BCS style"....and as we all know TB sported that insanely great defense.

2003: Could have been a great year, but Plummer of all people gets hurt, and we needed him the most. Hell, you take away Plummer's injury, a Dante Hall TD return, an bad choice to rest some guys.....and Denver is in the 12-14 win bracket.

Like I said Shanahan's signings and moves as GM have been bad, the only real thing you could knock him on. As with any coach who's GM, it's always a mess. Another thing Shanahan needs to address is the lack of depth at certian positions.....hey Shanahan's a running coach, and he's got a lot of depth at RB, OL, and good depth on the d-side, at LB...and to an extent, on the d-line(DAMN THEY PLAYED WELL THIS YEAR...really surprising), and in the secondary(even though he doesn't have a bonafide star there, these guys play well enough to be great number two/borderline 1sh guys and would excel with a star in the secondary)...but Shanahan needs to invest in a real backup QB, reliable 3rd, 4th WRs, maybe a non-headcase star DB and/or DL....and they'd be set...injuries and lack of depth has hurt us.

Concerning the other questions.....

"Could he be labeled as the next Dan Reeves?"

No way, man. In 12 seasons, Reeves went 110-73-1, 10-8(playoffs), ZERO SUPERBOWLS w/JOHN ELWAY, 7 ten win seasons, 2 losing seaons, 2 even seasons, 6 playoff apperences. In Shanahan's 9 years, 91-53, 7-2(playoffs), two superbowls, 5 ten win seaons, 1 losing season, 2 even seasons, and 5 playoff apperances. Shanahan has got it done where Reeves couldn' the playoffs. He's done what Reeves couldn't with Elway, and establish a more then respectable running game, and did I mention two superbowl wins? :), Shanahan's almost touched some of Reeves coaching marks, in less time.

Denver should be good next year...just need to free up payroll, establish some depth, and should Plummer not break his foot getting off of his couch, Portis and the line do their job, Coyer's D plays as well as they did this year, everything should be going fine, BARRING INJURY, of course.

"How about the offensive line? They obviously do a tremendous job of run blocking, but in passing situations, they're too small to provide protection. Continue with the same plan on the O-line or beef up?"

Well Shanahan is truly a running coach. I wouldn't touch it. He did the smart thing in investing in a mobile QB. I'm not worried about pass protection, Plummer only got sacked 14 times last year, the line did a great job protecting him, enabling him to complete 62% of his passes and only 7 INTs. I'd be worried about the line if they didn't have a mobile QB who's liable to injury(I.E. Brian Griese).

"Will Shannon Sharpe stick around for another year, or is he done?"

Sharpe has accomplished everything he's every wanted to accomplish in career. The real question is, Does he want to retire after that embarrassement at Indy? I think Sharpe would be very capable if he comes back for another year. We'll have to wait and see, but I believe he's done, since he's accomplished so much.

First of all Shanahan has made good decisions as GM. Look at our teams in 97 & 98. it was more than just Elway. Don't forget that Shanahan drafted T. Davis in the late rounds. Elway never had a big running game to compliment his passing game. That's a HUGE reason we won the Super Bowl. The secondary was great that year, and Romo has huge for us. After Elway retired we had to give Griese a shot. He'd been studying under Elway for 2 years. Should have learned a thing or two right? Well he did learn some, but didn't learn passion for the game, but not even Elway can teach that. It's not something you teach. Keep in mind that Shanahan has also drafted, Olandis Gary, Mike Anderson in late rounds, and also got a steal with Portis in the 2nd round. He makes bad decisions huh?

Enter Jake Plummer....he was great this year. Everything we could have expected. Don't begin to tell me he broke that foot getting off the couch. It snaped when he got off the couch but it was a result of a hit during the Chiefs game. It was cracked already when he felt it snap. On to Darryl Gardner. We had a chance to pickup a big time DT. Shanahan took it and hadn't his attitude turned out to be a disapointment he would have been awesome. Can't fault him for that move looking at what it could have done for the team.

Next year we are in cap trouble. Don't expect our secondary to get much better unless we draft someone like Oklahoma's Derrek Strait, or Deangelo Hall. We won't be able to afford any tested big time players. Not to mention that Portis will be looking for additional money.

No question the team Shanahan helped built through 1995-1999 was more then incredible, which is why you saw the words "NO EXPLANATION NEEDED" under the breakdown of 1997-1998 years....

Shanahan has had great drafts, no question, but his free agent pickups have been questionable. I don't necessarily agree with you about Griese, I was a supporter of Griese's, I really believe, if he finds the right system, and stays healthy, he'd do fine.

Plummer had a great year, he was indeed a pleasant surprise, no need to get a bit angry over a little joke :), haha.

I'd look for some of the "yearly" cuts, a franchise tag put on Al Wilson and perhaps CP, that should free up some space, for Denver to address their needs.

If Denver is ever going to make it again...they'll have to dump some of the "I got rings" veterans that are beginning to show their age.

Denver's biggest problems are at consistency in Defense....that, and defensive depth.

If you're going to make GM assertions based on those Superbowl teams, you'll get nowhere. Denver managed to get around salary cap restrictions (mostly for Elway) to put that team together.

I agree they will put the franchise tag on Al Wilson. I dont think this offseason will be too eventfull because the Broncos are already over the cap. It will be interesting to see who retires this offseason.

Lacrymosa, I like the little joke about the "i've got rings" players. Rod Smiith is starting to show his age but he's still very capable.

The funny thing about that "i've got rings" remark that Rod Smith made was that he put Kennison's ass in check! Hey, there's one good thing Shanahan did....he got rid of Kennison! We don't need players that go to the coaches office and say they don't have the passion to play the game anymore, then wonder why they aren't allowed back on the team when that player decides he wants to play again. Kennison was a joke. He screwed himself over in Denver. Now he's bitter and still a bit embarrassed, understandable. I would be too.

Hey Broncos fans, what moves would you like to see Denver make in the offseason?

I'd say trade Al Wilson to the Chiefs

What about Shannahan? I still really like the guy, but a lot of people are starting to comment about how he hasn't won a playoff game without Elway. Could he be labeled as the next Dan Reeves?


How about the offensive line? They obviously do a tremendous job of run blocking, but in passing situations, they're too small to provide protection. Continue with the same plan on the O-line or beef up?

beef up and get some fat guys

Will Shannon Sharpe stick around for another year, or is he done?

stick a fork in him

I'd like to see Shanahan give up the GM position.

Son of a God damn motherfucking bitch.  Alex Gibbs is now a member of the Falcons' coaching staff.  Fuck.


I wouldn't worry too much, anything Gibbs knows, Shanahan and Rick Dennison(The OL Coach, Gibbs has just been an assistent head coach for the past few years) know, and the personnel is still there.

"but really who does win without an Elway, so to speak? "

Joe Gibbs (Mark Rypien? Doug Williams? Timmy Smith? Brother please)

Bill Belichick (1st superbowl)

Bill Parcells (with LT in his final probowl year, but Hostetler and Ottiss Anderson on O)

Brian Billick (with Ray Lewis, but journeymen QB and offense)

Yeah, who win's without an Elway? The All-Time greats, that's what I said....what are Parcells and Gibbs? All time great coaches.....I give you them easily.

Belichick hasn't won twice yet, and if he does, he'll have done it with a proven money QB and defense.

Billick just had journeymen at QB, and I wouldn't exactly call that defense nothing without Ray Lewis either....besides he had Jamal Lewis AND Priest Holmes running behind a good, big line.

Unless they trade up that wont happen.

how about trading Portis to the Skins? hehe, I love it. Champ is overrated.