Brooksby up a set on Djokovic

Who the hell is this kid?


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Yea I had to look him up. 20 years old, just turned pro this year…this could be one of the biggest sports upsets of all time

I havent watched every point but it does seem like a ton of it was unforced errors on Djokovic vs. the kid drilling him, not to take away from him as he played excellently.

It’s on espn+ had it on for the first game which brooksby held serve and won. May switch back been watching the Cleveland baseball team vs twins

Well this isn’t looking good in the 2nd. Kid hasn’t won a point yet. Triple break point to Djoker.

Primary School GIF by @ICT_MrP

Lookin like 2nd set is already over. Best of 3 now…

didnt djoker say he was having surgery and taking a long time off after the olympics? did that change or am i thinking of someone else?

I’m pretty sure somebody else…Djokovic is going for the calendar slam with the us open, no way he would sit that out

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This 5th game is getting silly.

oh yeah its federer, i think i saw the two stories about the same time (djoker struggling in olympics and federer going for surgery and time off) and thought they were both about djoker

bp 5

This game is intense.

Deuce 9

such a big swing game too, either down 4-1 or serving for 3-3

ooo he got it

Wow, what a momentum game.

He seems to lack confience in his overhead smash.

This is fun to watch

Brooksby is dead tired. It’s all downhill from here. Be surprised if joker loses more than 3-4 games the rest of match.

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