Bros dog bites someone, im the bad guy

We are at the park on Easter. My little bros dog is known to bite people. At one point I even asked if someone was going to hold on to her. Nobody really budged. About 10 minutes later she runs up and nips some dude riding by on his bike with a little 5-year old on training wheels behind him.

They guy is cussing and rightfully pissed and rides off cussing at us. I can't blame him. It didn't hurt the guy, she really didn't "nip" him as much as growl super close to his leg, but I'd be pissed. I notice afterward my bro and his GF go back to acting like nothing happened. I asked if anyone was going to tie up the dog and his GF gets all pissed and tells my bro they are leaving. Starts a scene, stomps off, etc.

So, now they are pissed at me for asking them to tie their dog up, watching their dog bite someone, and then asking them again to tie up the dog. My bro and I have never had issues before, apparently his GF is an idiot. The "Love Trumps Hate" bumper sticker should have been a good clue.

So, I'm the asshole now. Just so you all know.

Bonus: I'll give a vote up if you can guess the breed (you can't).

How many tattoos do your brother and his girl have? How many flat-billed hats?

I got attacked when I was a kid. I get fucking angry when dogs get aggressive toward me. Your brother and his gf will regret being so careless.

And sorry. Bad decision-makers always think they are never responsible for the events they cause. They won't do anything until that dog actually bites someone, and then they'll blame the victim, say it's a good dog, blah blah blah. No amount of common sense or practicality can penetrate their halo of stupidity.

I just wouldn't bother going anywhere with them if they have the dog. Ever.

AnthonyWeiner - How many tattoos do your brother and his girl have? How many flat-billed hats?
No hats. His GF probably has a fairy or some shit in the top of her foot. Not really sure. My bro doesn't have any I don't think.

Just a matter of time before it rips some kid apart. They should train it or put it down.

I love dogs but would have punted ur bros dog into tree tops if that was me with my kid

should have asked them to leave the dog at home.  why ruin some little kids easter by getting bit by a dog.  why wasn't it on a leash?

Jack russel is the breed

You should've told your dumbass brother to leave it at home. That dog is going to cause some real heartache one day.

I'll go with Shiba for dog breed.


You can't win in this situation 



Heeler or some kind of terrier mix. Dog is known to bite people?! Apparently Animal Control is inept down there in Denver eh?


dios -


Pugs don't bite people, never in history 

Wiener dog

Bad Monkey - 

Wiener dog


You lead off by saying this dog is known to bite people, and it sounds like today's nipping encounter was the next event in an aggressive behavior? This dog has bitten people before or snapped at them?