Brother can't swim... his friends aren't much help

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I don’t know any of these guys, and yet I still want to kick their asses for that stupid and reckless shit


How can you get to that age and not be able to swim?

Come on man, he should learn to swim just to prove the stereotype wrong

Dude in his 30s did a Tough Mudder event with me and some dudes from my MMA team. He couldn’t swim but attempted one of the water obstacles and nearly drown. Almost took a teammate with him as he grabbed him around his neck from behind in a choke trying to stay up.

Scary shit.

To his credit, Dude went and got himself some swimming lessons after that.


It is indeed scary.

Someone panicking in the water is a legit threat to your own life, you need to push/kick them away from you or you’ll both end up dead.


Hope to god this shit is fake, otherwise I can’t fathom how anyone would stay friends with pieces of shit like that.


He was standing like 2 feet over from where he was drowning. Could have sank to the bottom and walked 2 feet to safety


“If a nigga can’t swim, he’s gonna panic”


Stereotypes gunna stereotype.

An old girlfriend of mine almost took me out while I was trying to save her from drowning. It happened at a friends pool. She was fine one minute over on the 4 ft side, then took 2 steps and immediately plunged into the 6 foot side and started panicking. Not even during a sprawl has anyone grabbed and squeezed my neck as much as she was, while I attempted to rescue her.

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Words to live by lol

If people panic when you are trying to save them from drowning you try and KO them.


If I tossed him a rope would that be racist?


Exactly - throw on a RNC right from the get-go. When they pass out, then you can drag them out.

John Cena Omg GIF

The guy recording it seemed a bit concerned - when he wasn’t laughing - but he didn’t jump in so, he is probably stereotypically a non-swimmer too.


Not teaching your kids how to swim at an early age is parental neglect.


I’ve known how to swim since like 4 years old so I don’t even know what goes through peoples minds in that situation. The sheer panic and the flight mindset kicking in like that only making it worse and even though your brain knows this, it can’t help itself. Must be pretty terrifying.

Either way fuck those friends lmao