Brother just died

He was 51. He had a brain tumor that they found a little less than two years ago. He was pretty good for those two years, but things got bad this week and his heart stopped this morning. He is survived by his wife and his four children, my other two brothers and I, and our two sisters. He was a former marine and he was a pastor at a calvary chapel church in Columbus, OH right up until his death today. RIP to my big brother, Dave Brown.

Thanks UG and OG for being around when I need a distraction. Phone Post

Damn man. Sorry for your loss

RIP Phone Post


I'm sorry for your loss.


man that is tough

so sorry bro

hang in there and do the right thing for his kids


Dude, that is a real tough one. I am being very stingy with my last few posts while I prepare something for my 10,000th, but a sincere warm feeling to you is a no brainer. I am sorry for the loss of your brother, that's simply too young. 

Sorry, man.

Damn, sorry to hear that.

Condolences and RIP Jack Brown's big bro.

So sorry man. Condolences to you and yours Phone Post 3.0

So sad OP...before Fathers Day especially... hang in there man...positive vibes to you and yours Phone Post

Condolences. Sounds like his life had a positive impact. Peace to you and your family.

Thanks everyone. Although I knew it was coming, and had made peace with my brother when he was first diagnosed, it still leaves me feeling a bit lost. I have a wife and two kids of my own, but I'm going to drive out from Boston this week for the services and to support my brother's family. Phone Post

Sorry for your loss :( Phone Post 3.0

I'm sorry, man.


So so sorry man. That's fucking horrible. Phone Post 3.0

Sorry man Phone Post 3.0

RIP Phone Post 3.0