Brother Love catches Orton

Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch

Backstage WWE official Bruce "Brother Love" Prichard was the individual who caught Randy Orton violating a WWE policy backstage during Wrestlemania week. He promptly reported Orton's actions to Vince McMahon. That was the final straw and Orton was suspending indefinitely the following week.

In regards to Prichard's behavior, a former WWE wrestler said this, "Prichard is the type to be your friend to your face, goad you into saying something negative about Vince, and then run to Vince and quote you to get you in trouble and score brownie points with the boss."

Maybe Brother Love caught Randy wankin it to pictures of Christy Hemme...

My guess is drug use.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Does Bruce Prichard still put red makeup on his face ??

That was makeup?!

I'd love to know what got Orton suspended.

Assfucking a fan?


Another bad tattoo?

"Bruce Pritchard is officially my hero. btw. Is he related to Tom Pritchard? "

Brothers, i believe.

LMAO @ the red face commment.