Brown belt Schrown belt

Today, after seven years of training I was promoted to brown belt by Ricardo “Rey” Diogo, who is a Carlson Sr bb. Feels good not gonna lie!

Damn it... I was going to go today, but it was just impossible.





Congrats!  Dookie belt was the most pressure one though.


What an accomplishment. Congrats.



Awesome, I'm guessing as a Carlson guy, he doesn't give them out easily

Congratulations!!!  That’s awesome!

Great work, grind hard to that black, you got this.

Thanks everyone. Honestly black feels like eons away. I plan on competing more in this belt, but honestly I am not a competitor type. I think pushing myself outside of my comfort zone will really be the best thing to understand the game more. I feel like I don't know any Jiu Jitsu.

Rey definitely does not hand them out. Shit, he held me at blue belt for 4 years and I was training 6x\week with the only break coming from tearing my ribs (8 weeks recovery.) That's why this one was a surprise to me, I thought he would for sure hold me to at LEAST 3 years but I am not complaining!!

Awesome accomplishment. Congrats!


Congrats!!!  Brown is a big achievement!

I’m at the twelve year mark this month of being a purple belt (long complicated story).  One day I’ll get there!