Browser question

Can an IT administrator detect what net browser you are using, eg Internet Explorer or Safari or Netscape?

yes. it's usually in the HTTP communications as a line.

Specifically the User-Agent field of the HTTP header. Interestingly, there are some browsers that will let you put anything you want in the user agent field.There's a plugin for firefox that does it. course, that wouldn't stop the admin from just logging on to your computer and checking if there are any other browsers installed. But if he's only going to watch your network traffic, it'd be pretty safe.

Yao, I didn't know Firefox had a plugin that let you do it!

I know Lynx lets you define your own User-Agent line, so I did.

Konquerer lets you choose from a list of common browsers.

Thanks for the quick responses.

I was previously using ghostzilla, due to its "covert" properties. So I guess what I was wanting to ask was whether I could use ghostzilla without anything coming up. It makes it easier to hide the multi-coloured ads that show up on the page. Is it possible to alter that user agent field for ghostzilla?

or are there other covert-type browsers available out there with "flexible" user agent properties?

What about chat programs like ICQ and msnchat? Can they track use of that too?