Bruce Buffer has outdone himself tonight ??

Looks like the pap smear of his last squeeze

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LMAO. What a douchebag. Hittin' and splittin' pu$$y all over the world. Props to such a dipsh!t for raw doggin' so many ladies.

Bruce "Poppin bottles and kissing models"Buffer  

Bruce is the guy who dries his asshole with the hand dryer.

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He's a damn joke.

That looks the wallpaper in a seedy Vegas hotel.

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I cant stand the guy in and out the mic

That jacket looks like vomit. Toolbags gonna tool


Letibleu -

Looks like the pap smear of his last squeeze

I like it. I hate suits. (And those who designed and made it a lasting trend!) So make it extra flashy either with super class or outlandish cheap Vegas style BS. Either way it's good.

Lol I'm assuming if you hate his suits you haven't been to Vegas. He is a walking representative of sin city, from his clothes to his walk to his talk. Similar to dinero in casino, he is Vegas!777