Bruce Buffer Needs a Custom Reebok Tracksuit

I'm sorry, but It's very hard for me to identify the brand when the man with the golden voice and the mic in his hand is dressed like a lounge singer/cater waiter. Is the UFC not a professional sports organisation? If they are, then where is Bruce Buffer's uniform?

He's a face of the company, he can't just wear any old broke pimp's tuxedo. He should be wearing Reebok and making that Reebok money. Kids should be able to purchase a dold Buffer UFC Kit from Reebok.

Zuffa, what's wrong with you? FIx this mess.

My bookie tells me he prefers nike Phone Post 3.0


The Power Double - 

You are the motherfuckin' MVP

He would need the abdominal section to really show off his implants, you know, make his silicone abs really pop.

That freaking photoshop just me spit my coffee!

Bro, it got to be velour.

tjmitch - Bro, it got to be velour.

one the best. can't be wearing nylon or that swishy material.

"It's Reebok time!"

tjmitch - Bro, it got to be velour.

Agreed. That suit needs more 'Shonie Carter'.

The Power Double -

Well deserved VU Phone Post 3.0

The Power Double -

Excellent work. VU. Phone Post 3.0