Bruce Buffer Ufc 48....

It was crazy, I was rewatching the Tanner/Baroni 2 fight and the end of the third round when Tanner gets the take down on Baroni, BUFFER has this look on his face like he hates what is going on. Like he couldn't believe that was happening to Baroni..
No big deal but just was wondering if anyone else noticed this?


hhhmmm intersting.....


During the first Couture/Rizzo fight, when Rizzo was getting the shit beat out of him in the first round, it was reported that Buffer was yelling at John McCarthy to NOT stop the fight. Saying it can't end like that or something. I guess Buffer is a real fan.

If you pay attention, you can always see the reactions of the ringside people during the fights, and sometimes they're pretty entertaining. Joe Silva threw his hands up in what looked like disappointment after Murray's quick submission over Rivera, Bas Rutten went absolutely ape shit when Pete Williams knocked out Coleman, and Ryan Bennet looked like he was going to have a heart attack during Tito/Chuck.

Pretty interesting.