Bruce Buffer Wins Grand Slam of Poker Main Event

 I'm posting this to clarify that Buffer won the event at Hustler Casino, but that he STILL has the Poker After Dark event approaching, which was filmed a while ago.

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Bruce Buffer is looking more and more like a “ring game” announcer than a one-dimensional ring announcer.


Yes, he is famous for his “Buffer 180,” a side-snapping wonder of body mechanics that he executes during many of his pre-fight introductions. He explains his trademark move here.


But the Voice of the Octogon is also famous for occasionally dominating all 360-degrees of whatever No Limit Texas Hold-em poker table he happens to be sitting at.


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$75k? Awesome job Bruce.

His Twittering sort of confuses this with the idea that he won the Poker After Dark event for $75k, but that appears to be a different event altogether.

 Iiiiiiiit's Tiiime!  To spend 75k!

I hope he wore his 360 hope shirt.

I regret never taking Buffer up on playing an online tourney. He's a poker icon now. Why would he remember us? :(