Bruce Jones' Incredible Hulk

Hmmm...lots of old time hulk fans don't like him. Usual criticism: too little Hulk/too much drama.

Personally, I love his stuff and even though the Hulk usually doesn't appear until the climax, the stories are built up well enough that the payoff is great.

btw--I'm an old time Hulk fam..back when he was 'dumb hulk' and books were 50 cents lol. I miss the old hulk model, but Jones' stuff is cool

i like Jones is a little "X-files" like..but the stories are well told!..I really enjoyed the Abominatin storyline!

i love jones' book. it's very noir. you almost got a 'jaws' type horror with his early comics because you never really got to see the hulk. it's great stuff

he's tied with peter david for best hulk writer ever.

But then again, everyone else that wrote hulk sucked...

"But then again, everyone else that wrote hulk sucked"

I liked the stuff Len Wein did in the 70's and Bill Mantlo in the 80's (He also had good run on Peter Parker. WOnder whatever happened to him?)

Peter David and John Byrne were pretty amazing.

david was the best....