Bruce Lee diet

I'm not a Bruce Lee junkie but just looking at his physique he was definately in shape. Does anyone know what type of diet he followed?

"Art of Expressing the Human Body" discusses lots of this. Bruce was a fitness fanatic and collected every book and magazine he could get his hands on for the latest in cutting edge knowledge. He had his wife Linda changing his diet constantly as his knowledge grew. You can bet that he would have been doing the same today, but probably for different purposes.

interesting book.

basically, bruce ate a typical chinese diet. lots of vegetables and lean meat. he also like tea, ginseng, honey and was learning about supplements like wheat germ, protein shakes etc..

-lean meat
-green tea
-pot brownies

gurukripa, source of your info?

If he was doing Vitamin S, shouldn't he have been a lot bigger?

Don't forget the drugs.  Bruce liked those, too.

I don't believe much said in "The Art of Expressing the Human Body".  It's a John Little book, and he's famous for making up much of what he writes and attributing it to Bruce.  If Bruce were alive today, I think he'd beat hell out of Little for writing so much crap about him, even if it is pathetically sycophantic.

Don't forget the drugs. Bruce liked those, too.


"Don't forget the drugs. Bruce liked those, too."

False. The only drug that Bruce was known for partaking in was marijuana because at that time it wasn't even really consider the same as other drugs. Even then, though, he wouldn't smoke it because he didn't believe in polluting his body.

If you know otherwise, print your proof.

If I'm not wrong in the book "Unsettled matters" the author mentions something about Bruce's drug (steroids)taking.
Btw his favourite meal was beef with oyster sauce.

he liked sushi and wheat thins

he avoided coffee and cheese because he hated the taste of them. he also never drank alchohol or anything else with empty calories..

He was reported in one article as being vegetarian.

I'll do a search and see if I can find it.

I just did a google search, and a vegetarian site makes the same claim.


what is marijiuana if not a drug?

America is still recovering for the Reefer Madness era of the 50's and 60's-and has been demonized in the media. It has become moderately socially acceptable only recently.