Bruce Lee in MMA

Sure, everyone knows Bruce Lee was an outstanding fighter back in his day and back in his time.

But lets say, we take Bruce Lee back when he was in his prime, and bump him up to the future of today, and put him into todays MMA competition.

How do you think he would do in his weight class, which is .. I believe would be featherweight, if I'm not mistaking, Lee weighed around 125-130 lbs.

Seeing how their aren't that many outstanding fighters at that weight, Lee would probably dominate his weight class.

Opinions on how he'd do in his weight class, and how he'd do if he were to fight guys that outweighed him by 100 lbs , give or take some.

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I oh so deeply apologize... I wasn't around here back in 1998.

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Bruce by Nunchuka beatdown 1:23 Rd 1

Such is life.

I think bruce lee would have cross trained with the best and been a kick ass fighter today

If my thread is so irrelevent, then why are so many people responding to the "Mike Tyson in MMA" thread that seems to appear on here day after day?

Lee was around 140-145 lbs,lots of good guys at that weight,he would do well standing but if someone like Royler or Nogeria got him down he would be in big trouble.

I think i will go make a Rickson vs Sak thread.

Bruce was a very smart guy and (reportedly) lightning quick and prodigiously strong for his size. He also trained like a fanatic and was all about developing real/practical martial arts and doing away with all the BS crap in kung fu, karate, etc. So it could easily be argued that he had the mindset, attributes, and mentality necessary to be a high level fighter. But he didn't have the technique and training methods of modern MMA. Big guys like Gene LeBell and Bob Wall attested to how amazingly hard Bruce hit for his size, so i think he had a raw talent for striking. If he was in his prime today and you gave him a year of crosstraining I bet he would've whooped ass at his weight.

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