Bruce Lee MMA (vid)

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Enter the dragon
Uploaded by Falcon-7

The opponent is Sammo Hung, right?

"Funny thing is that, as you probably are aware, part of that clip it isn't even BL. Every time you see the character from behind, it's a double, the 'side kick', and the kip-up is a stunt double. The cartwheel to double-tuck summie over the Monks' steepled hands is also a stunt double. Oh, and the double used a trampoline to do it, LOL."

Gotta admit, I didn't know it was a double in any of the fight scenes....

BL was great, but the reality is that he was a martial artist and a movie star, not a fighter IMO.

I think Bruce was know to be in many fights too.

^^I have heard that as well, but have never seen any myself. Is there any out there? No disrespect to BL. I think he was the shit, but what fights are you talking about street fights, or actual matches?

Bruce lee was in fights with traditional kung fu practioners, who were hardly great or even good fighters, if the fights on YouTube featuring kung fu masters are any indication.

Kung fu guys huh? My ? is, where they any better then the kung fu guys of today? When was the last time a kung fu guy beat anyone?

"Kung fu guys huh? My ? is, where they any better then the kung fu guys of today? When was the last time a kung fu guy beat anyone?"

Umm, I pretty much implied in my post that kung fu guys sucked balls.

"I have Bl's bio "the art of expressing the human body" where the author tells a story of these kung fu grand masters issuing a challenge to Bl that stipulated if he lost,he wouldnt be able to teach kung fu to americans.

He goes on to tell how bruce won the fight.Can any of this be verified?"

It's in his wife's book too.

The guy he fought was Wong Jack Man. When some of the MA teachers in San Francisco disapproved of Bruce's willingness to teach anyone, they let him know, so he told them to fuck off.

When the challenge was issued, he told them to bring it on.

When they showed up at his school,they started talking rules: No strikes to the face, limited contact,etc. Bruce said fuck that, you want to fight,let's fight. Long story short, Bruce picked the guy apart, took him down,mounted, and drilled him with a few punches, bringing on the "tap"(or "uncle" or "MOMMY!").

So much for telling Bruce what to do.

Bruce was a tough guy. When Chuck Norris,Mike Stone,Joe Lewis,and a host of legit fighters vouch for your skills, that's some credibility to me.