Bruce Lee Movie Opponents/SupCast vs JCVD

Bruce was the STAR of his movies and he moved at a feline-level of physicality but when I watch a JCVD movie what makes so great is not just one great character but a whole cast of coolness.....and that coolness just made the JCVD character so much better for it.

With the Bruce Lee movies it is as if I am watching only one guy which is cool.....and he could pull it off because he is that amazing to watch.....but the way he moved, there was a realism so I don't know if he could do the same like JCVD which used such great expert choreography to create those amazing scenes that worked so well.

with Bruce Lee it was his real power of intensity which makes him and his movies so watchable.....

JCVD and his supporting cast had a beautiful theatric movement and choreography which makes his movies so great.

Jason Scott Lee really did a great job of blending the two styles in 'Dragon the Bruce Lee Story'.

it would have been cool to see Bruce Lee match up with some cool enemies which also had a great screen presence but was that possible to achieve with Bruce Lee's style?

I was always thinking, where was Bruce Lee's 'Chong Li'??? His 'Ivan Drago'???