'Bruce Leeroy', Fukuda test positive at Fuel TV 8

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                                'Bruce Leeroy' suspended for marijuna

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Damn yo

Has he been training in the 209? Phone Post

UGCTT_FryedTakayama -

Damn yo

. Phone Post

It's great to see the UFC being vigilent in their overseas event when they don't  have, but want to keep the sport clean.

Sad that a win is going to be taken from caceres for smoking a joint 2 weeks before the fight. Phone Post

lol drug rehab for that

UGCTT_FryedTakayama - 

Damn yo


When will these idiots learn.... Phone Post

Fukuda chugged a gallon of cough medicine?

Having mary jane metabolites in your system should not be suspension worthy. I don't want to see anyone high as a kite in there, just like I don't want to see anyone drunk, but a fighter losing a legit win because of traces of weed from weeks ago is like penalizing a fighter for drinking a month before, just fucking ridiculous!

What a farce!

RampageFitsLikeAGlove -
Chasen - What are the odds they EVER change the rules for marijuana in MMA? What will it take? More states to legalize?

What would it matter if states legalized?  Alcohol is legal and you can't have that in your system.

When alcohol is in your system you literally have a chemical that could impair you in your body at the moment the test sample was taken.. What they test for with marijuana is not the active chemical that gets you high, but rather the byproduct left over after your body metabolizes the chemical that got you high. It can stick sound for over a month. Long after the high and any impairment is gone.

I don't even know why I explained that ... Everyone should know this by now.

At the end of the day, regardless as to if pot is or is not a PED or should be legal and so on, the rules are you cant fail a drug test for it. These guys are professionals and they know the rules.

... Stupid to have a W be changed to a NC though Phone Post

I hope he recovers from this horrible addiction lol


Have you ever sucked some dick for marijuana? Phone Post

Has marijuana testing gotten better in the past few years? It seems that a lot more people are getting caught now then at any other time.

KingofBJJ - Oh come on guys. How can you get busted for smoking a joint now days? You can spend $30 on a product at GNC that will clean yout your system withing 24hrs of any test.

Or for Pete's sake, just act like a real Martial Artist and be drug free.

For light smokers yes... for professional pot heads. . No.. you smoke all day everyday cleaning that out wont be happening in 24 hours.. and hair tests fagetaboutit Phone Post

Thacommish -
DanTheWolfman - MMmmm Did Fukuda like take something to really get energy, or are those all common Anti-cold ingredients in Asia that he may have simply taken for a cold/stuffiness? Ephedrine not is U.S. cold meds anymore but overseas it is right?

is a weird one to get popped for sinus meds i thought the same thing

He got busted for elevated levelz of powdered rhinoceros horn and shark fin soup... he possibly might of consumed fresh baboon testicles before the fight to gain the speed and aggressiveness... Phone Post

"The outcome of Caceres bout against Kyung Ho Kang will be changed to a no contest." for smoking pot...lol what a bunch of dumbfucks!!! Pot is no more a Performance enhancer than Vitiman C!!!! REFFER MADNESS!!!

rehab for some marijuana?

Phone Post