Bruce "Referee herb dean and the rest of the judge

 Bruce just said

" Referee Herb Dean and the rest of the judges scored the fight for Michael Johnson!" 

i hope someone gets a clip of it on here soon


Hahhahaahhhahah I was about to post this! Phone Post

 yea what the hell was he thinking?

epic fail on Bruce Buffers record

 Herb Dean: The only referee who can score a fight too.

He was probably going to say Referee Herb Dean has called a stop to this contest. A mess up in words.

Who does he think he is Cecil Peoples?

I lul'd but we didn't need a thread on we? Phone Post

Even the best can make mistakes!

It's pretty rare he makes mistakes, but it was funny. Bruce is the Man!

People will rush on here to start the most pointless threads. Phone Post

PatsBarriesGotKongo - I lul'd but we didn't need a thread on we?

Bruce is the man.

Very unBuffer like. TTT for confirmation.

Bruce Buffer does not make mistakes. The last time Buffer made a mistake in the Octagon, he invented The Buffer180. After this "mistake", Herb will now have judging superpowers no other referee will have. If you think I'm kidding, check back with me next time Herb refs a main event in a commission-less country.