Bruce Willis on mma

Bruce willis was just on the hot list on espn news. they asked him if boxing needed saving and his response was; " well they have to compete with UFC now. The Ultimate fighting championship is so much tougher and real than boxing is now." we got die hard on our side.

Yippy ki yay!

i remember when Unbreakable with Bruce Willis came out.. in one of the bigger scenes in the movie.. teh UFC is playing in the background.. and Willis attempts a RNC to subdue the bad guy..

I'm just waiting for the media to deamonize Bruce for his comments about JFK and 9/11. The Neo-Cons are shitting their pants after their poster boy has seen the light and spoke his mind. LOL

When you got the star of fucking DIE HARD on our side, you know we are winning!

Wow, he's a lot smaller than Mayhem in that picture

most people are smaller than MayheM.

Hey, hey...

5'11 is not small.... dammit.

OMA(tm) 4'5" and 4'8" w/lifts.

Bruce rocks, good shit.

Brad Pitt's way over 155...

Remember, the hokey store came out that BMI's are stupid, because Brad Pitt would be considered obese?


"Same thing with Michael Chiklis. In real life, he's only 4'2 "


There was in article online awhile back that Brad Pitt dropped down to around 150 for fight club so he could look that cut.

Willis is the man I don't care what you say

I heard that Bruce does an omaplata in the new movie while jumping out of a helicopter.

its gonna be sick when we see die hard stitting next to chuck at the next mtv vma's with a coven of hot ass swarming them.