BruceL could you please open a ...

catchwrestling forum so the public can enjoy learning the art of catch,I really enjoy catch as do many of us but there's knowhere to talk about technique's senarios,and problemed technique areas it would be really cool if you had a forum open to public.I know you guys have tried this before and had lots of trolls but maybe this time will be different I know Id be on the forum to learn and I know alot of other guys at this time aswell.

TTT for Bruce H. Lee!!!

Thats would be a good idea for anyone to open a catchwrestling sight ,I recently quit doing catch because after I mastered the lost art hooking techniques I had nobody to train or talk to about the techniques and exchange tips and game plans for set ups and high percentage and low percentage moves.I really like the techniques and a catch forum open to public would be exellent.

As far as I can tell he answers most questions posed to him here.

Bruce deserves respect, just for the taking the beatings from Tony C. in the LAOH series!!!

Those must of been some of the longest days of his life.

i can't, because it won't be fn and more and i'll have to be responsible for something.....i'm not good w/ responsibilities.