BruceL lucky 13 ?

Bruce, Tony's Lucky 13 tape is hardcore and am looking it getting it. My question is, I suck , Im in bad shape. I can grapple for a long while but I have gotten good enough to be able to " take it easy". Question is can I ease into the 13 set or is it all or nothing to be helpful? Thanks

I almost died just doing the sprawl is says go 8 minutes I was dead after 2 min.

Its a killer workout! If you are looking for something that will help you get through Lucky 13 I suggest purchasing Tony's "Lucky 13 Audio CD Primer". The primer is about half the work that is on the full Lucky 13 and is geared towards getting you in shape to do the full 13. You can find more info on it here:

Lucky 13 rules!!!

Just got 13 in the mail (only took 2days) and will do what the note it came with said. Do the tape when you get too tired, walk till you catch your breath then start up again. That should give me a good 7 hour work out LOL. Thanks guys

No equipment and you don't really need any space at all. Just bring yourself and get ready to work yourself to complete exhaustion!!! IMO, its the greatest Cardio/plyometrics workout for Combat/Grappling sports!!!