Bruckman vs. Schultz MFC?

Is Justin Bruckmann confirmed to fight Ryan Schultz at the Euphoria event?

If so, best of luck Justin.

and Bill Mahood.

and Jason MacDonald

I don't think Bruckman or MacDonald are fighting on the card anymore.

I was offered the fight with Schultz but regretably I had to turn it down. I have other obligations that take priority at the moment and I would not be able to prepare properly. Ryan Schultz is a great fighter and MFC is a world class event,it was very hard to decline. I hope that I will be given another shot down the road.

Are you talking about your fight with Calvancanti in HookNShoot Justin?

canariofalante is correct.

Joseph, Justin Bruckmann is loaf. See above post by
said loaf.

That's interesting. I did not see his post or that of RKing85 when I posted.

Ryan Schultz is a tough fucker but then again so's wouldnt want to fight him if your not prepared...

Neither guy should be fought without proper preparation