Bruins to spank the leafs tonight

good luck toronto and say hi to the # 5 spot in the playoff rankings

lol.. yeah right

this will be a repeat from March 2nd


prepare for 2nd place

prepare? they already are in secon place..

you know what.. now that I think of it, this will be a repeat of Dec 4th if Belfour is in net.

OH SHIT! i think we have a pretty good game going here!

damn good game, nice back and forth

i think that hte b's need to hit a few more posts though

Nolan with the save

was a good game.. a few bad calls both ways though... and lol @ two posts and a total fluke save by Nolan

3 posts...gill, slegr & thornton

i agree on the bad calls and they did go both ways which shocked me...

dont know if anyone else noticed this, but the refs are calling shit games against the top divisional teams giving gift calls to the buffalo's of hte world...very annoying

Why is the team called "Maple Leafs" and not "Maple Leaves"?

Cause it's Canadian, eh.