Bruised Ear

I came home from practice today and I noticed that my ear became swollen and bruised. I'm not sure how I got it because we were practicing with headgear.

What is the standard protocal to deal with this type of thing. Although there's no fluid in it at the moment, I don't want it to become cauliflowered.


Ice it to bring down the bruising.  Then baby it for a while - maybe it's time to work on your open guard, stopping to reset if your opponent passes your guard or gets any sort of grip on your head.

If you do think that there is fluid present get it drained quickly - the fluid gells and gets hard to remove, plus starts deforming the cartilege after only a couple of days.

I'm not saying it's a DIY job, but I typically do the following.  REALLY wash the ear.  Then disinfect with rubbing alcohol.  Then smear with a bit of polysporin. Then use a diabetic's insulin needle and a mirror to suck a reddish watery fluid out.  A larger bore needle might make life easier.  Then keep some light pressure on it.  You might need to do it again the next day.  Of course you should really let a doctor do it...


Yeah I definitely agree with a larger needle. I tried draining mine with an insulin syringe and it sucked. I couldnt pull anything out I just wound up poking about 4 or 5 holes in my ear and then said screw it. got my hands on a larger guage needle and it worked a hell of a lot better. Or as I was told be a man and let it harden up LOL.

i've had a person do a cartwheel pass on me and land his knee right on my ear(no headgear) it instantly turned the most horrifying shade of purple i thought i was in for some bad cauliflower but nope nothing no puffing or anything i think was really lucky

Can you get a swollen ear from just one hit, or do you usually feel soar and then you get one big hit thats make it swell up?

Tappingout I had one nice shot to my left ear which led to about a marble sized swell in my ear. Its pretty messed up now but nearly as bad as when it first happened. So yeah one shot can do it.

I went to the farm store and got a 18 gauge horse needle. 20 gauge is probably best. I also bought a metal finger splint and bent it around to give me something to hold pressure on it with.

I went through all that crap and it still filled back up on me more than once. So I think I'm going to give up and try the be a man route mentioned above.