Bruno Fernandez BJJ = WOW

I had to write a post to give big respect to montreal's secreat weapon...Bruno fernandez..

Unless you are a hardcore bjj head and i think we are an endangerd species :) you may not know who he is but he is an incredible jiu-jitsu player and coach out of the gracie barra tea, in brazil trained by carlos gracie jr

Every time ive trained with him i learn quite a bit and the craziest thing is.. now we are going over basics that I figured i had down correct but much to my delight the man has great details to make your ground work even better..

If you are interested in joining our group feel free to come by TRISTAR (
wednesday at 4pm and saturday at 2pm for classes.

I will be woking closely with him to prepare for my next fight and hope i get a chance to display a bit of the refinements come fight time.


Claude patrick

Hi Claude, just had to throw a ttt up for Bruno. I've been lucky enough to train with him since he has been in Montreal. He is amazing on the mat and an incredible teacher. Anyone serious about their jiu-jitsu training should spend some time training and rolling with him.

Shawn Mozen

Bruno was my first connection to Brazil. When I was planning my first trip there I found BRuno's site on the net in Portugues. I contacted him and he helped me from the start. He found me a pace to live picked me up at the airport then took me to buy a bike to make my travels to the club and back home everyday.

I had no idea as to what school Bruno was taking me to train at. He showed me where it was and told me how to get there the best way on my bike. That first night I went to training I was in awe at the numbers of people training, and even then little did I know I was at one of the sources of Jiu Jitsu Gracie Barra.

That night I trained with Bruno and was very impressed with he slow methodical, technical style of Jiu Jitsu and I decided that was the way I wanted my Jiu Jitsu to grow. I ended up taking many private lessons with Bruno during my stay and he was the reason I was able to progress so quickly with my Jiu Jitsu. The techniques he showed me I still use everyday in my training.

Bruno has wicked Jiu Jitsu, he is a very genorous person with a personality that just tops him off as one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

I am forever grateful to Bruno for helping me establish myself in Brazil and for helping me grow into my belts and eventully into my Black Belt. Without him things would have been a lot different for me, thanks.

Take a chance to go train with Bruno or at least go watch him train. He is one of the most overall talented people I have or will ever meet.

Josh Russell
(Bruno Fernandes student)



Hi guys, i'm happy to see that there is classes on saturday, i was a bit disappointed to see that there were classes only during the week in afternoons. I can't make it during the week due to my work schedule but on Saturday i'll be there for sure.

Claude, is Bruno teaching in Montreal permanently now?

i know he is in montreal for at least the next 18 or so months, take advantage of this jiujitsu machine while you can.. classes are very infomative to say the least. :)

Is it possible to drop in and do you know the the cost? Thanks for the info.

yeha i tihnk drop ins are fine as well. the gym costs i couldnt say since i dotn work there but i cant find out for you.. email me at


Gi, No-Gi, or both?

I had the pleasure of doing a private lesson with Bruno Fernandez when he was at Colangelo and Mozen's and he was dang good.