Bruno Frazatto?

Anyone know where Bruno is teaching or training? I've heard he goes out to lloyd irvins sometimes?

I know that Ryan Hall always raves about him. Not sure where he teaches.

Isn't he part of Atos now. Trains with Ramon Lemos, Mendes Bros and Gilbert Burns. 50/50 guard, rolling inverted delariva to the back. The guy would be multiple world champion if Cobrinha wasn't alive. Been second place to Cobrinha for how many years now.

Ya he is at atos but i here he travels to teach a lot.. His game is amazing.

guy is a phenom

He is part of the Atos crew.
I did 4 privates with Bruno when he first came up to Atlanta. Picked up a lot spider guard techs from him. Great stuff!!
His game is very similar, if not identical, to Cobrinha's. Lot's of inverted spider, de la riva, whirling dervish bjj. Bruno has a lot of pace to his game.

Bruno's bjj vs. Cobrinha's: My worthless take.

Like said very similar games. Both are very fast and extremely fluid. Biggest difference is strength and pressure.
Cobrinha has tons of pressure and strength. I am 205+ and Cobrinha pressure was just brutal and this was drills not straight up rolling. Bruno can put the pressure on, but Conbrinha is another level.
Cobrihna's strength relative to his size is just amazing. Bruno's speed is whicked. Having rolled with him, I could not keep up with his speed and pace. Bruno has great transitions. Bruno ate me alive.