Bruno Malfacine Seminar - Los Angeles

Bruno Malfacine will be doing a Seminar on May 24th at Westside Training Center/ Cobrinha Westside.

Seminar will be from 2pm - 4pm

Early purchase discount:
$60 for Cobrinha/Alliance Affiliates
$80 for all other schools

Price at the door will be $90

For more information:
1 323 451 1662

3272 Motor Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034

I just went to the seminar he did yesterday at Alliance Greenville in SC. Very good seminar, and he was a nice guy. He took the time to introduce himself to everyone, and kept busy circulating around the room giving pointers and helping people through the techniques. He then spent an hour after the seminar rolling with almost every upper belt in the room, which was fascinating to watch. Phone Post 3.0

might be in for this....

What did he cover at SC seminar? Phone Post 3.0

Sweep to mount from DLR with variations based on opponents response
Same sweep from x guard with variations
Standing open guard pass
Passing open guard when opponent gets a RDLR hook Phone Post 3.0


if he does the DLR sweep to mount and you're a bigger guy, ask him to show the variation w/ the collar grip instead of the sleeve/wrist grip.

I liked his seminar a lot. The X guard DLR sweep is good too because a lot of people will walk into it and set themselves up.

he went over leg drag a lot as well and variations of open guard pass.

he rolled w/ everyone at our seminar. 5 browns, all of which outweighed him, a purples, a bunch of blues and white belts. it was non stop and he caught everyone...

super nice.


Just 10 more days till the seminar!

He showed a sick x-guard sequence today in class.... if you guys have the time you should definitely this the seminar!

last bump, seminar this weekend, hope you can make it!

ttt for tomorrow!