Brutal assault/rape in Miami

Why are they showing a pic of the victim in the headline instead of the perpetrator?


That’s why I lock my doors and don’t open them for people I don’t know.

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Should be put down like an animal. Poor old lady.


Why? This really isnt his fault. Its caused by an unjust society. He needs counseling, UBI and steady employment.


Send in a social worker, not the racist, oppressive police. This man needs restorative justice, not the racist white man’s justice.


Not a mark on his face. Bring back policing from the 60’s and 70’s.


Dude should be drawn and quartered but I’m curious as to why an old (I’m assuming ) white couple was “vacationing” at a rodeway inn in nw Dade. There’s no touristy shit in that part of the county it’s moolieville for the most part

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First time i read an artic le where they had to mention a “black man”.

Surprised the media showed a pic of this worthless pos.

never relax


Lmao Lol GIF


Raise the standard of proof just a little bit and bring back slavery for animals like this. Work him in a mine until his back breaks

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They need to have a mediator sit him down with the other side, so they can each say how they feel about what happened, then come to an agreement on what he could do to make things right.


Criminals in Miami target tourists because, what are the odds of them flying back in to testify against them at trial?

Especially if they are normal ppl that don’t have the $$$ to just fly to Miami, and save all year for one vacation.

And if they are visiting from out of the country, fugheattaboudit.

Very sinister plan, very scary indeed. Seen it on Forensic Files.

Stay safe out there bros.


You know….

That’s why I stay the fuck out of that state

Dindu Nuffin

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Haha, right…

He was a good boy.

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Forced her to perform oral? That sounds like something you would volunteer to do specifically so you could bite his dick off.

Thanks desantis