Brutal assault/rape in Miami

This brilliant scientist from Wakanda should be paid to walk around and rape white children.

Anything else is racist. White supremacy has to stop

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Flay him.

Honestly with that was an option. Flay him alive on ppv and if he lives roll him in honey and let the bees go to work.

This creature isn’t a person and shouldn’t be treated as such.

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People really need to stop New Yorking DeSantis’ Florida.

The man is responsible for being such a weakling. Defend your woman

big tough pro fighter like you?? LOL. You big ole sissssy !

sounds like a bad trip
csi miami deal with it GIF



His family reported this just aint like him, hes a gentle guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly. He innocent!


This. That skinny fucker would be in a bad way trying that with I.

Maybe they booked the whole thing online thinking that a cheap hotel would be easier to afford while ubering places.

I was wondering if they were foreigners. Some nice old people from Finland that think African Americans are all about jazz music and singing the blues. Welcome to America!


I think “Moolie” can be saved if we really tried to.


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Who the hell vacations in NW Dade!? WTF?

They must have been looking a cheap hotel to stay in, not realizing what the location was like.

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Another thug that needs to be terminated.

Unless the woman’s man was KOed I cannot see that skinny guy dragging her off. Even with zero fighting skills you would think he could hold the guy off and yell at his woman to run for help.