Brutal chick knockout

As the woodswoman fells the tree. . . .

Check out the shoulders on the winner.  Must be one of those chicks with naturally high testosterone.

That bitch needs to get slapped around. (Iam talking about the one that won)

Okay that chick needs to be slapped around. (Yes I mean the one that one)

is that the one where the really tall white chick eats one from a much shorter black girl and drops like she's dead?

i forgot their names, but that was a brutal KO. it took several minutes before she regained consciousness.

<Okay that chick needs to be slapped around.>

Would you like to do it?  That chick is jacked!


My shits are bigger then that chick. I'd squash her.

Ann Wolfe is a beast. She fought on ESPN a couple weeks ago, and she's a straight up animal. No exaggeration when I say she's the female equivalent of Tyson IMO, and if ya doubt me, look her stats up, and, um, rewatch that vid

cool overhand right