Brutal female beatdown!!!

That HAD to hurt!!!

And if you notice, the woman getting beat pulls out a knife seconds into the fight, creating this nasty wound:

Can't believe she pulled a knife. Didn't see how big it was but it hardly affected the girl dealing out the beat down.


Damn. That chick doesnt mess around. Even after getting sliced open, she continues beating the fuck out of that bitch. Knees, kicks, and punches until the opponent is helpless on the ground. Looked like a Silva fight.

All I see are two kids fighting ?

One kid with the green shorts is constantly shooting in and throwing the other kid down, lol.

That is from a of those that has a title like: Street Brawls or World's Deadliest Street Fights, etc.

You can buy them at Best Buy for around 10-15$ and they have dozens of fights.

all i see is 2 10 year olds fighting

What girls?


The kid in the green shorts is quite impressive.


Where did you get that video from? I want to see it in it's entirety!

I think all of those punches missed, so did the kick.

Got to give the kid in green shorts props for the slams though.

I only saw the two young boys too,other link wouldn't work. Damn it, a chick fight, with a knife, and I can't get it to download! >:(

what chics ?? i dont see any girls ??


that kid is pretty damn good!

Anyone gonna repost the chick flick?

When is Fox going to do a America's Funniest Beatdowns show ?


ok, which fucker took down the girl fight!