Brutal KO!!!

Not sure if this has ever been posted. But i say damn that had to hurt!<object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=";&gt;&lt;/param></object>

that was awesome!

wow... hope that guy was aight... that was nasty...

who was that? it's leko on the ground i think, but who was the guy fighting him?

Badr Hari



love the reaction of the announcer after contact

The SOUND of that kick was bone-chilling.


he was 3 days in the Koma after this fight

^^^^^^Is that true??^^^^^^

"Is that true??"

it is what I heard. can someone confirm it?

After the ktfo you can hear the announcers saying "lucky" several times lol

"it is what I heard. can someone confirm it?"


Awesome, right on the chin!

He'd probably thrown that spin kick to the body a few times and baited him into dropping his hands before mixing in that brutal kick to the head. Fuck, right on the jaw.

TTT for the sheer brutality of it!!!

"I don't think I've EVER seen Stefan Leko win..."

You know he KO'ed Peter Arts in Vegas right??

Actually, I bet it didn't hurt at all.

at least not till he woke up.