Brutal Matt Hughes meme on twitter

That guy is lucky if he ain’t dead or badly concussed now!

His leg could’ve got ripped right off after the spin!

Watch it slowly!


Dont be a fuck head.
Morckorkells book review was a fantastic thread taking the piss.
The dude was newtering pigs. A job that has to be done for the pork that is on your plate. And he threw it at a squeemish friend.
He was actually doing shit as a kid. Mans work. What were you doing pussy boy.
If you didn’t do anything worse than that then congratulations.
I’ll throw balls that were going in the bin anyway at someone, till this day.


i bet that fuker is alive, but with very dislocated back and shoulder + multiple broken bones

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Dude just needs to walk that shit off.


Came in here to call Hughes a piece of shit as well but after a quick reflection on past scumbaggery, I realised I’ve also been a piece of shit at times too.


What Farmer let matt Hughes slaughter 12 piglets for shits and giggles? Isnt that a farmers way to make money?!?!?!
On a sidenote, “while growing up, Matt Hughes and his brother Mark liked to go and bang behind the barn, Joe”


I’m a fan of dark humor sometimes but I don’t really find anything in this thread funny.


Me either bro. I find laughing at someone dying distasteful and a reflection of character.



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This post is the only one to make me chuckle because it reminded me that I too came in for a laugh and expected to get it, but all I got was some poor fool getting absolutely wrecked by a frate trane (not Brock Lesnar) and the knowledge that Matt Hughes sliced open baby piglets so he could enjoy watching them squeal and die.


Spoken like a true South Park fan!

Episode 8 Cheer GIF by South Park

Either it’s all ok, or none of it is ok. Who the fuck is the one allowed to make that line? Lol

Its original use is intended to suggest that the thing being laughed at in the meme or vid lacks a prompt that would usually precede it. For example, at a fancy dress party you would probably wear something ridiculous and that’s expected, but if you put the same outfit on to do your Sunday morning supermarket shopping, you might end up photographed into a meme with the caption, "Absolutely no one: " followed by, “Rabid_Bunyip: [weird costume pic goes here]”. From there it gets misused for dramatic effect.


ITT: People who have never had a good look at where their food (meat) comes from.

Commercial meat farmers do as much and more. And on a much larger scale.


Frate trane imo

Good self-awareness. Respect.


Reading parts of that book and thinking, “did he actually approve this?”

That sounds like a YOU issue.

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Time to go watch some Matt Hughes getting KO’d


hes mad because Matt is a hunter

Knocked him right out of his shoes. Just like Ray Brower.