BRUTAL new east euro street fight league

Fuck that’s crazy. He was holding his head after it was stopped too. Not sure if it was from the headbutt or concrete though.

couple good scraps. in both fights the guys who looked severely physically outgunned ended up getting it done. Some good accurate gnp from the mma guy here in this 1.

this ones quite DOMINANT!

Man these guys are fucking nuts lol. What a rush it would be winning a fight in this league. Itd be like something out of a movie.

This is where the term “knucklehead” comes from. First trained wrestler to slam someone on the concrete makes a paraplegic or a corpse.

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this is the stupidest hool tuff guy poser shit for fighters not talented enough for the pro’s

we need marco ruas in there

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I would argue that these guys are definitely not posing as tough guys. Most posers have no interest in actually proving they can fight or proving they can take some punishment.

Some of these dudes are animals, who clearly train, can clearly fight and are definitely tough.

No. They are not pros and the concrete floor is ridiculous and obviously dangerous. Other than that, I have no issues with guys wanting to compete in fighting.

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Hard Times with Charles Bronson.


In the cool video with brutal ko, you can see spinning back kick straight into the crotch, didnt even blink

fantastic movie