Brute Force just doesnt cut it

In a pathetic attempt to keep myself occupied whilst waiting for Halo2 I went out and got myself a copy of Brute Force (I kind of remembered someone here saying it was worth a look and that even their girlfriend liked it).

I am like on the third(?) level shooting up some lava loving psi-aliens and already I'm bored.

Well thats' strike two for a Halo2 substitute.

Please, someone give me another gaming option before I go crazy. Recently I've played (finished some, got pissed off with others) Driv3r, AvP, Tiger Woods Golf, Hitman Contracts, Brute Force but nothing is doing it for me.

Maybe its def jam FFNY time...

Yeah Def Jam Jase, do it up. I didn't think I'd get it, but I was convinced otherwise here and I'm actually really impressed.

I mean HONESTLY. Does it get any better than beating the CRAP out of Nelly and the other fuckin sad, samey rap crap losers (Read fucking lame RnB these days!) that we get assaulted with on the radio.

I liked Brute Force... 4 player though. Any 4 player game is fun I've worked out. IT's got to be pretty bad to be bad.

Brute Force however was WAY too short, also, it just didn't look that good, specially after being given a stint with the Bungie crew to see what they could pull out of it.

I reckon it's worth about 75%.

Bashing Nelly and friends sounds good. On a related topic, have I mentioned the nicknames my brothers call one another:

James is "Doctor J" partially because he is a vet, but primarily because he is something of a tool.

Tim is "Hawk", after a Stalone arm-wrestling movie, I think called "Over the Top" and because, like his twin brother, he is also a tool.

Andrew's nickname is quite creative and really says it all: "A-hole".

Yep, my parents should have definately cut their losses once they had me.

I finished the game 2 weeks ago with 4 people. It was fun. It wasn't HALO, But how many games are. I thought rute force was a good game to to pass time. My girlie was the one who was into that game. We finished Halo together so we wanted to play something similar.

"We finished Halo together so we wanted to play something similar."

You fucks really know how to rub that shit in...


Yeah, I did Halo coop with my GF too, and she's really looking forward to doing Hao2 coop as well. I'm really glad about the dual weilding. Every time we would get into it with the covenant she would satrt tossing grenades left and right and blow my shit up.

Halo2= no grenades for the GF.

Strike Three (I think): FIFA 2004

OK, I would have taken Def Jam if it was available at the store, but it wasnt. FIFA 2003 was kind of fun so I thought I'd give 2004 a shot. Unfortunately it kind of seems slow and staged... probably not helped by the lack of an instruction book. I might give a few of th online help sites a look see and re-assess my impressions in a few days time.

try Psi ops bro its NICE as hell i fu like HALO u will like this ...

i would say its even bETTERthan HALO

Just got Def Jam... OMG

I love it! Very pretty, full of the trash-talking I expecting and there are lots of little things which just make it all the more playable.

It is especially innovative having a game where how your character 'looks' affects the outcome of the violence...

Now I've just to get the control system worked out: like people have mentioned, it isn't exactly straigh forward, but even this old guy is getting the hang of it.

Question to those in the know: how do you "block" or escape a grapple attack?