Brutus Briefcase Wrestled HULK for the Title?

I never knew that.

Before my time, but i’ve watched a lotta shoots.

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I saw them wrestle each other in Cincinnati in 85 when I was a kid. 3rd row. Piper wrestled Snuka too.


British The Burger Briefcase*


He also headlined Starcade (wcw equivalent of Wrestlemania) against Hogan. Pretty laughable really


Ha, he musta been “THE DISCIPLE!”

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Ed Leslie was Hogan’s best friend and Hogan had all the stroke. For example, when he went to WCW he managed to get jobs for John Tenta, Fred Ottman, Leslie (Beefcake) and even talked them into a fake Ultimate Warrior AKA The Renegade so he could “get back his loss” to the real one. With creative control built into his contract, he could wrestle and beat whomever he wanted, brother!


When you think about how much juice he ran, his physique was always shit

Dude was thick, solid, tight as The Disciple.

But he was phat when he was The Booty Man.

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Wasn’t Big-E kind of stealing the Booty-Man gimmick ?

That flow though…


Brutus the Eater of Cheesecakes


That was when they were supposed to be brothers right.

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The Boulder Brothers, Eddie and Terry.

One of the greatest songs ever recorded

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My childhood hero.

Struttin’ and cuttin’, brotha!

Then there were the days as “Dizzy” Hogan. LOL at

I hung out with Brutus once. He was a freind of one of my friends. We all met up one night and then went to a club. No good stories. Just seemed like a regular dude. I didn’t watch wrestling so it was not a big deal to me.

How much hair did you have left by the end of the night? Was your mullet decimated? How long did it take to grow back?


Brutus was the biggest dickrider ever. Not just in wrestling but EVA .followed hogan everywhere and had like 5 hogan knockoff gimmicks in the territories .never really got much for it except job security .