Bryan Goldsby appreciation thread

 Congrats on your ko win tonight in Birmingham, you trained your ass off.


Lumbricus terrestris - You have any pics from when he fought Marcus Brimage?

that was a good fight tt for pics

oh wait I think there is a video

Goldsby always has exciting fights, I am amazed this guy can make these lower weight classes

Lumbricus terrestris - You have any pics from when he fought Marcus Brimage?

Nope I sure dont, kinda glad though :) Brimage is one hell of a fighter.
Bryan learned alot from that fight and has grown with the experience.
A.there is no need to be fighting above 135lbs especially at 150/155
B.You def cant have the game plan of trying to outfight someone in the their kind of fight or their kind of pace.
C. Brimage hits like a truck and has cardio for days

 I think Goldsby will do well at 135.  His striking game was much better than last time I saw him.  Congrats on the win; Joey is a tough one.


Will Campuzano vs Bryan Goldsby

when was goldsbys grill knocked out? i dont remember that one..i do remember him winning the first round of the brimage fight though...none the less, it was a fight he took to keep the card afloat and had trained hard to fight joey but things didnt go through a week before...not taking anything away from brimage,but bryan weighing 20lbs lighter and he had that hard of a time putting him away???..bryan never dodges anyone nor bails on fights. you must be related to him or something, sure seems like you have something on goldsby.

Bryan is a really cool guy and a great fighter. No need to come on here and try to bash him. He is always a crowd pleaser and goes for it every time.

TTT for Goldsby. Good kid and very tough fighter.

Goldsby is a beast. How that dude makes 135 continues to baffle me every time I see him fight.

I have seen him a fight a few times over the last couple of years. He used to just come out balls to the wall, talented but just going ape shit....every time since the first fight I saw him in he has showed tremendous improvement.

He has calmed down so much, really picking his spots and using that explosiveness at key times now instead of all the time.

really impressed with this kid, wished he would have tagged Banuelos...he would be in the WEC right now if he could have beaten him.