he was at 30,000+  posts when the rest of us 01ers were still below 5000.    The only other guys even close to 5000 or maybe a little over at the time iirc were Soup Nazi and Dougie.

dude was amazing.




I wonder if he still remembers the Gong magazine I sent him with Bob Sapp on the cover? Phone Post

did u send it with the ricco blind date tape???

He was pretty funny.

Lol, OP is bobsappfan.

Scroll to bottom:

Wasn't he Eric Apple's friend? The one that broke the CroCop joining the UFC story and DFW responded in his thread with Rob,Rob,Rob is wrong,wrong,wrong when he was actually right?

Wasn't he under house arrest or something and that's why he could post here all day every day?

yes I was under house arrest for a few months.
and eriks my buddy
it was the zuffa buying pride story that I was right,right,right about

wait a minute, did you start a TME thread about yourself???


lol wtf

I was a huge fan of BSF, why did you leave the forum? Phone Post 3.0

U still in Calgary , how was jail Phone Post 3.0

The purple cap! Phone Post



i was never in jail.

big wes,is that wes sims? been forever man haha. hope youre doing well.

I more or less quit internet in general for a couple years and then never bothered coming back here

RICKYB - U still in Calgary , how was jail Phone Post 3.0

im in Winnipeg now

Good to hear you made it out of jail OK. What were you in for again? Phone Post

I remember back when UFC bought Pride that he broke the story days before and anyone suggesting it on The UG would have threads deleted.