BTT breaking up ?? censored news !

this report was posted at sherdog forums and censored!

I used to post at the very old sherdog forum around 1999, then i posted at mousels now i post at and brazilian mma sites, since i am brazilian.

Brazilian Top Team is a top player at todays mma scene and what happens backstage is of the interest of many people around the world, who look up to the fighters as sporrt role models or heroes.

The following information was recently posted by a BTT INSIDER AND POSSIBLY ONE OF THE PRO FIGHTERS, who choose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, at a brazilian MMA forum, Portal do Vale Tudo and was repeatedly censored for no reason other than that the forum owners are "friends" with btt "leaders". The forums users issued a huge protest against the censorship.

Included in those who protested is sherdog forum moderator Goro Hida, who can confirm all this stuff.

May be this post will explain how a team with the best fighters in the world is being destroyed by money greed. May be some of you will see the outcome of Mino vs fedor very differently, knowing what was happening before.

As in the United States of America censorship is banned and free acess to information is granted to fans worldwide, i decided to post it here for the world to know.


1 - The big break up at BTT already ocurred : Bustamante and Mario Sperry are breaking up, at least in the training subject ! What happens at BTT is the following : There is no longer a division of the BTT fighters purse in equal amounts among the BTT owners. The pro fighters must pay for using the BTT gym plus 10% of the purse value to one of the BTT owners picked to be his trainer. Remarkably this was a strategy of mario sperry to kick Bebeo from receiving a huge part of the money generated by the team. So, inside BTT, two different teams showed up, which should be harmonic; the guys who pay the percentage of their purses to Sperry and those who pay to Bustamante. Everything was doing fine until mario sperry screw the "gentlemen deal" that was up in the team, excluding from his MMA training sessions those who were under Bustamante´s purse "contract" (or beset busta´s fighters to go under him).
The result : Today, at BTT HQ, there exists two different teams, the sperrys and the bustas (Busta was a very ethical player since the beginnig, never denying training to sperrys guys). As a result of sperrys tatics, the bulk of the BTT pro fighters went to Busta side and the training division will soon be a formality, each one in his own time schedule, where any interchange between the teams of the 2 different trainers is forbidden. The only top fighter that will remain with sperry is ´Buscape´; the others, including minotauro, will go with Busta (including Paulo Filho, Arona, Belfort, minotoro etc)

2 - The Vacation given by Sperry to BTT fighters in the very month Mino was preparing to fight Fedo, wasnt easy swallowed by Mino. Nogs only problem with sperry is hes under a contract, because sperry is not nogs trainer for a long time. Its was just a clown job form sperry to give an interview to TATAME magazine speaking about the fight development (mino vs fedor III) and about the training, when Nog training for this fight was led by Bjj player Amaury Bitteti.

3 - Not only 2 BTTs will exist but 3, fighting under the same trademark !!!! Paulo Filho and Arona were invited by businessmen to start a gym at Niteroi, a Rio´s suburb (just like Jersey is to New York). The 2 plan to train at this academy, being highly improbable their stay at BTT HQs.

4 - This Niteroi BTT will actually be the fourth BTT in the same city, since the third is Nogs own house. See the absurd, Mino pays for BTT gym, pays sperry a percentage of his purse, and still has to pay for training sparrings and private coachs, since his own supposed team (BTT) was given vacation the month before his fight, by his very own "manager" sperry.(And still has no shame in speak to a magazine as Nogs coach). Do you think ChuteBoxe would give vacation to the team just before a Silvas fight ????

5 - Sperrys role as an fighter agent for BTT with Pride is seriously threatened by a generalized athlete revolt against sperry "choosing policy" for the BTT representant at the event. They started a move to kick sperry from his role. many great top athletes claim to be boycotted by Sperry. The purses being offered today to new BTT fighters are ridiculous; Buscape earn about 3k for a fight; To a casca-grossa (Very tough guy) was offered a reduction of 40% of his purse!!

6 - For the ones accusing of just spreading rumors, the hot joke now comes form Carlson Gracie Sr; he met Nogueira and told the reason Nog was so thin: -There are a lot of people sucking his tits, anyone would get thin like that.

At last, there are a few non-answered questions :

1 - How could Nog coach for Fedor be Bitteti ? What Sperry is being paid for ?

2 - How could BTT not offer Nog, his big Star, a nice training structure just before the biggest challenge of his life ?

3 - Why Nog just train at home and still pay for BTT gym ?

4 - Where is the team structure ?

5 - How could Mino stand for fedor if his training partner was a lightweight (Fredson Paixao) ?

6 - Why didnt the BTT owners stop the bad influence of Bitteti on Minos game ?

7 - If the leading BTT guys left Carlson Sr. saying the purses price was too high and there was no coaching, and after that, they do the same thing, isnt that a cheat against Carlson Sr ?

8 - Why the top pro fighter barely show up for training at BTT HQs when the BTT owners says its like a "brotherhood" in there.

Thats just part of the censored discussion held at the brazilian forum. A lot of things were really too heavy to be translated.

I can confirm from a VERY close source to BTT that both Arona and Paulo Filho are looking to make their own team. I'm not sure if they will be together or not.

The rumors are quite true, but I dont really know any details. All I was told is that there is a big crisis in BTT.

Also, this has been talked about in brazilian forums for about 1-2 weeks. I'm surprised nobody mentioned it here before.

If that's true then it sucks.  The struggle for money has ruined many a good relationship.

very interesting

This sucks-especially for the athletes

horrible news.

Wow. Hopefully not true.

What a shame. I hope this doesn't decrease BTT level of competition. Seems like a reoccuring pattern in bjj politics and splits. Has a lot to do with the money.

I have it from a source very close to the center of this situation that it was a rumour started on the internet by someone in Sao Paulo. The roots of this story are BS and are not grounded in fact. The person who started it all has actually come out and said it was all an "mistake".

Rumours are the grist for this mill.

As to the Arona / Filho thing, everyone talks about leaving. Maybe it happens, maybe not. I tell myself I am leaving my wife everytime we have an argument. Here we are, 27 years later. Maybe someday...

BTT Canada


I heard it is true from a very reliable BTT source. This issue was discussed for weeks at a brazilian forum and no one came to state its false, in spite of many BTT top guys post at that forum.

'As to the Arona / Filho thing, everyone talks about leaving. Maybe it happens, maybe not. I tell myself I am leaving my wife everytime we have an argument. Here we are, 27 years later. Maybe someday...'

While I understand what you are trying to say, both Filho and Arona are looking for somewhere to train and start their own teams, and thats a fact.


If thats true that really sucks for Mino.

Wouldn't surprise me at all. Greed drove them from Carlson, so greed will eventually drive them apart too.

Mino was too light for that fight, and his gameplan was the worst of the three fights (or Fedor's was the best and he didn't react well to it.)

money sucks

There has always been factions among BTT. However don't worry about Mino cause when it's all said and done he has a lot of good contacts in the fight world.

Hearing this doesn't suprise me at all, Carlson Gracie Sr. had been saying it was gonna happen since the beginning cause they all basically shat on him.