BTT Tourney Results Oct 4 08

Results of BTT Canada BJJ Tournament
October 4, 2008


-147lbs:1st Mustafa Khalil,2nd Patrick Advencula, 3rd Vadim Kozlov.

-160lbs:1st Michel Tremblay, 2nd Kevin O’Hearn, 3rd Colin Artason.

-174lbs:1st Jordan Faubert, 2nd Shane Westgate, 3rd Mathieu Doult.

-187lbs:1st Wissam Aoun,2nd David Teman,3rd Eric Frenette.

-200lbs:1st Greg Dilella,2nd Alex Dyas,3rd Ben Campbell.

-213lbs:1st Craig Readings,2nd Ramiro Lopez, Zechiel Beton-Houle.


-147lbs:1st Pan Udi,2nd Daniel Palacios.

-160lbs:1st Benjamin Dunn,2nd Daryl Hartley,3rd Eric Gratton.

-174lbs:1st Christopher Rossi,2nd Andrew MacDonald,3rd Paul Vaenas.

-187lbs:1st Neil Fusade,2nd Marc-Andre Lauzier,3rd John Bossi.

-213lbs:Sean Mickleberg,2nd Ivan Bagshaw,3rd Frederick Emond.

Absolute:1st Benjamin Dunn,2nd Neil Fusade,3rd Daryl Hartley.


-147lbs:Edouardo Bezzera.

-174lbs:1st Jonathan Willis,2nd Lucciano Ucci,3rd Jacob Weiss.

-187lbs:1st Francois Beneteau,2nd Walter Meiss.

-213lbs:1st Damien Sabourin,2nd Normand Belanger.

Absolute:1st Walter Meiss,2nd Francois Beneteau, 3rd Damien Sabourin.


-132lbs:1st Jessica McNeil,2nd Naomi Lauder.

+132lbs:1st Lisa Tanguay,2nd Alison Tremblay

A big thank you to Fabio and Phil for arranging and hosting an amazing tournament. Thank you to Wade for your patience for refereeing a boring match between Alison and I. It's rather funny when you train with someone all the time and know their game plan.

Another big thank you to Ben for supporting our club like you do.

Congrats to Jessica on her win. For 13 years old and competing in her first tournament against an older and heavier opponent she put on an amazing performance.

A special mention to Mike - psycho Mike. Mike is only 16 years old and it's scary to think what he will be like at 18. We couldn't be more proud.

Phil, please thank your wife for the weigh in's and for being so gracious to my two girls.

Can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday. Congrats to everyone who competed.

Alpha MMA

Thanks Phil and Fabio, the tournament was really well organized and was a lot of fun.

Good work guys, there was some top notch grappling in all divisions.

Dean of Lean - Congratz to everyone who competed!

Where were you? It would be cool to see you moore often