Buakaw is fighting

Topking World Series 4 in Hong Kong

Buakaw vs Khayal Dzhaniev

Starting soon Phone Post 3.0

mono29.mthai..com/livetv.php Phone Post 3.0

Starting now. Link working? Phone Post 3.0

Fight starting now. Phone Post 3.0

Buakaw already bleeding. Russian caught him with a punch Phone Post 3.0

Can't get the link to work!! Phone Post 3.0


CHARMAINE TWEET FAN - Can't get the link to work!! Phone Post 3.0

same here :(

I wanna seeee

Might have been an elbow.

Buakaw orthodox and Russian is southpaw Phone Post 3.0

I wanna see!!

Round 2.

Buakaw throwing knees and Russian with elbows.

They are going to war. Russian is now cut too Phone Post 3.0

Any other links? Phone Post 3.0

Sorry guys, looks like the link only works in Thailand. The stream is pretty shitty Phone Post 3.0

no worries keep us posted


Round 3

Buakaw is going to the body with kicks and clinch. Sense of urgency. I wish I could give a better play by play but the steam sucks.

End of the fight. Going to judges Phone Post 3.0

Well shit... The stream dies before I can tell who won. But I'm guessing Buakaw. Phone Post 3.0

lol oh boy

Nope Buakaw lost. He lost it early and trying to catch up. Phone Post 3.0

First time I've seen Buakaw leak like that. Phone Post 3.0