Buakaw Por Puramuk Info?

I just saw his highlight vid, and I know its a highlight vid, but he looks like a fucking wrecking machine! I loved it when he kept tossing that guy who tripped him after catching his leg. Then I found out that he beat Masato, which is fucking crazy.

What camp does he fight out of in Thailand? Where did he fight before he joined K-1 Max? Was the fight against Masatoa a blow out, or was it close? Is he the future of K-1?

I gotta say, its great to see a Thai kicking ass in K-1

over 300 fights sounds a little excellerated. but he is one hell of a fighting machine no doubt about that.

He is a Thai/Manik(Sakai) mix.

He dominated Masato start to finish; at one point he nailed him HARD with four front kicks in a row to the face and/or chest. When the (horrifically bad) decision to have another round was announced, Masato was clearly not happy about having to get punished for another round.

BUT, in his defense, Masato had a tough fight against Kraus and a fight against the stubborn Mongolian. Buakaw came through both of his matches unscathed, though his fight with John Wayne Parr did go an extra round.

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there's a great article on this page - scroll down past the pictures to find it. it's the only thing in english heh


100 pull-ups? 12k and 8k runs daily? sheesh

somebody posted here before.

some good info would include he is a complete bad ass in the ring!

yea yea made japan's golden boy his BITCH in that fight - he couldn't fukn believe it when they announced a 4th round lol

"Buakao fights out of Por Pramuk camp in Thailand, all thai fighters adopt the name of the gym they are fighting out of"

Damn, I know that, cant believe I didnt think of it