Bubba dummy?

I have been frustrated lately by my lack of training time. Work has kept me from class for awhile now. Would you recommend the Bubba dummy as a reliable training partner for home? I'm thinking of buying one.

Personally, I don't have any interest in training tools like that. I find that most of the time when people get those things, it ends up sitting their closet long with the ab roller, thigh master, nordi-track, etc....

Why? Don't you think it would be a good training tool?

I'm not saying that it is not a good training tool. I am saying that for most people such training tools are used enthusiastically at first and then it eventually ends up in the closet. It's like kids with their new toys. At first they play with them a lot, but eventually it gets old and they lose interest in it. From many years of teaching, I have seen very few people have consistant self-motivation. Some people will say that they consistantly use such tools, however, I can tell you from teaching for over 10 years, that a vast majority of people will have that thing sitting in the closet collection dust after a few months.

Oh. Thanks for the input!

Rampage68, I've ordered a Bubbadummy for WhiteBelt.org to review. It'll take a few months though...

In reviewing various trainging gear I'd say Michael Jen is absolutely right. Most stuff ends up collecting dust. The first question to ask is "Will I actualy use it?" rather than how much will this help me.

One thing I ask my readers is: "Are you already putting in at least a few hours a week training on your own?" If you aren't already doing solo training, it's not likely any product is going to change that - in my experience anyway.


I think Bolo and WhiteBeltorg make some valid points.

No piece of equipment, no matter how inventive, will do much for you if you lack any "discipline" and deep seated "desire" to actually use it.

It is the consistent, intelligent and logical use of any equipment (or even drills for that matter) that make the difference and not the equipment in and of itself.

I had to learn that the hard way. I really wanted to learn how to speak Spanish so I invested alot of time and money getting tapes, books, and other "aids" to help me in that endeavor. I took college courses and even private lessons from a very good friend. And although they all helped they didn't get me where I wanted to be.

I learned that I actually had to "use" what I learned. And that I actually had to "practice".

If you don't have a mindset that is geared toward the act and discipline of practice then nothing will help you especially any "toy" like Bolo stated.

It seems to me the same thing could be said about a gi, mats, training tapes, etc. If you don't use them, they collect dust or sit in a drawer. A lot of people use Bubba and keep using him.

Just my 2 cents.


Yep, I ask people who get instructional videos how often they actually watch them. It's not uncommon for people to say just one or two times! Then they usually ask me if I want to buy them from them. Makes me laugh.


I have a closet full of tapes that I almost never watch. But I am hanging on to them in case some miracle happens that forces me to train like a madman.

Idea! Contact Glaxo Welcome to develop a motivation drug, and collect a whole bunch of mulah. Oops, I forgot there is already something for this called the white powder. Maybe Bravo can hook me up ;) Just kidding. It's late, goodnight.


Here is a link to the patent information for the Bubba Dummy. It includes construction pictures.



Great job of finding that. Your dummy is in progress, by the way.


Thanks Brett,

That patent actually helped me figure out the differences between the various dummies out there, and has a lot to do with why I chose bubba.

Make mine extra mean will ya?


I'm putting the Abbie Normal brain in him tomorrow.


If I have an instructional on what I'm working on lately, I will wear it down watching it over and over. Bolo's UGP is looking pretty battered these days... :)

I think people use tapes, dummies, punching bags, etc. more than some might think. Just my opinion. I still hit the heavy bag after 25 years of training. I probably will until I'm a little old bubbamaker.


I'll be able to do "Puttin' On The Ritz" with it. LOL

Thanks Brett.


LOL. I love that movie. A local TV station did a story on my patent, and they added a lot of clips from Young Frankenstein. It was hilarious.

Excellent flick. I'm going to get a top hat for Bubba. That's just too funny.