Bubba Gracie Prank


Great job, Rener!


Thanks LTL.

that is hilarious. They are all going to have nightmares of the bubba gracie!

I remember Royce doing something like that. He'd be laughing so hard telling me about it that he could hardly tell the story. I wonder if he still has some videos of it.

girl in pink is sexy.

That was great!!

too funny lol


i wish there was another camera for facial expressions!

I just love this video, and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

MMApostle - girl in pink is sexy.


 lmao!  how the hell did he even keep a straight face talking about his "sweet blue eyes & sick triangle"?

starhunk - 
lil eagle soars again - thought the black dude would of punched him


just some black on black crime, imo


  I guess they are selling the dummies now.


Girl in pink is "WWE Diva" Eve Torres.


I liked dressing him in gray the best, but black is ok. I've never seen anyone who is jet black. I guess if you have a problem with it, you'll need to talk to Rorion.

I'm glad you guys and gals are enjoying the video. I think it's hilarious.

Awesome! That is some funny stuff! Well done!